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#1 Act of Courage

My first act of being courageous is creating this blog. I have always had trouble with my VOICE. Voicing my feelings ,my thoughts, my wisdom, my creativity and anything you can think of. I have experienced shame and fear around speaking my mind since I was very young. There is nothing in particular that started this phenomenon and way of being that I can remember. I believe it is ultimately one of my paths of healing or dharma that I have--to undo pain that is attached to expressing myself. This blog is me facing my fear of being vulnerable to the world while voicing my thoughts and experiences. I know that it will be quite a scary and rewarding journey and I am commiting to it. There are 99 other things that I will tackle this year that scare me. Some of them will be small and some of them will be collossal. At this time I have no idea what things I will do or who I will become in the process but one thing is for sure--it wont be boring :)


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