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Artistic commissions, personal and brand photoshoots available in Massachusetts as well as internationally. If you would like to book a session with me or or if you have any questions on the process please click here or click the booking button below.

Soul Portraits

goddess desta.jpg

Soul portrait sessions are a unique and deep experience created for you to powerfully connect with your true soul essence. This session includes an akashic

reading to tune in to your spirit, a photo session to empower your spirit and a digital art portrait to activate your spirit by visually connecting you to your inherent power and beauty. The final portrait is a composite of the tarot and photo sessions as well as channeled impressions that I receive during the creation of the digital art piece. Through meditation and contemplation you can use your soul portrait as a bridge to your true soul essence and thus bring your present self into alignment with soul self. 

Sessions start at $2222



Have you ever felt what it is like to be truly seen?

Have you ever had the experience of truly seeing yourself? 

These empowerment sessions are specifically co-created (by you and I) to capture your truest most beautiful, powerful and embodied self. Before the session we spend time to talk about what you want to empower and call forth in your being. Each concept is unique to you and can range from simple to creative and everything in between - the sky is the limit.

When we meet for the session we will start with a meditation to connect to your intention and spirit. I hold space and create a container that is safe, fun and easy to be your truest self and from there we co-create images that truly capture your spirit. It's much more than a photo shoot it is an experience of being seen. 

Sessions start at $888

Move & Be Still


Mindful movement sessions are a chance to capture your essence, heart, and strength as you drop fully into a state of flow, expression and stillness. These sessions are designed for professionals as well as enthusiasts of yoga, dance, martial arts, circus arts or improvisational flow that want to translate the power of their movements into images. The resulting images express the tension of motion, stillness and the space in between. 

Sessions start at $888

Your Story


This option includes a full brand image consultation and analysis. During our preliminary session we will go over your core values and mission statement for you and your business and see how your visuals can best align with your vision. Then we will plan out and action a full photographic and/ or artistic content realignment where we identify exactly the images you need to express you and your brand most powerfully. 

Starting at $2,222

Customized packages available

Click on my email below for questions and pricing

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