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Alexandra DüSterfeld




About Me


This name came out of a desire to be and a claiming of being someone who is in full embodiment of creative energy. My goal is to be someone who lives into the fullest authentic expression of their soul and that goal reaches beyond my creative work into every area of my life. What does that mean in plain english? It simply means I do not place limits or labels on how I create or what medium I use to create any piece of art or how I choose to live. I ultimately seek to expand into whatever/wherever the creative process guides me to which often results in weaving many different mediums together. My mediums range from photography, drawing, painting and digital art to dance, writing and music and I am sure I will add more in the future. 

I believe that being in the creative process is to be in collaboration with the universe. A power that flows through you and is expressed in the specific flavor or color of your own human experience. All of my work is a co-creation with the universe, nature, other beings human or otherwise and although I possess some skill I am only a vessel - a part of a team if you will ;)


I always say the birthplace of my imagination was in the German Alps where I lived my life up until I was 10 and many summers after that. I spent hours upon hours by myself outside amongst the wild beauty of forests and rivers flowing through an alpine terrain. My experience of nature was infused with the magic of German fairytales that my Grandmother read to me. These ancient stories that were interlaced with the landscape seemed to flit in and out of my reality as I pulled at the threads of this unseen world. In retrospect these tales were my introduction to archetypes and archetypal processes and my experience of them in nature catalyzed a connection to the divine mystical forces that are the foundation of my creative work. These early experiences fostered a passionate curiosity in the mystical, spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical. This eventually led me to a deep study of mythology, yoga and yogic philosophy, buddhism and energy medicine amongst many other modalities and philosophies that dive into the mystery of life. 


The driving force and purpose of my art work is healing - to alchemize painful experiences into beauty wisdom and triumph.  A quest that has lead me down many different paths through both inner and outer worlds. The language of archetypes and ancient symbols are an ever present traveling companion on my journey through the liminal spaces of shadow and light. My images of nature are often a gateway for me to co-create and commune with the divine on the physical earth plane. My self portraits on the other hand are an effort to communicate with the divine within myself and serve as a conversation with my own unconscious. This process allows me to see my growth as well as the places where more healing is necessary. In my work where I make portraits of others I am able to serve as a channel for this same process as I tune into their soul essence to bring forth an image of their own individual divine archetype. 

Whether it is my images of others, myself or nature my ultimate goal is that my art work helps others to activate and navigate their own quest for healing - To inspire and encourage others to be their most authentic powerful selves - To show them there is a magical world just one breath away if they just take the time to see it and that they are more beautiful, powerful and magical than they believe. And hopefully after spending some time with my art they will see that they hold the key to everything. 


I would like to honor the teachers and influences in my artistic work who have inspired me to see beyond the material plane, deep dive into healing and transmute pain into beauty and see the divine in myself and others.

My teachers:  Professor Fred Liang, Kate Greer, Nicole Clark, Dale Swan

My inspirations: Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Alfons Mucha, Klimt, Francesca Woodman

Android Jones, Alex and Alison Grey


Available for art commissions and photography in the US and internationally. 


Inspiring humans and brands that are making a positive impact in this world


BFA in Photography and Printmaking MASSART 2005

YTT Back Bay Yoga 2011

Reiki Mastership 2013

Ecstatic Dance DJ 2022

Certified Crystal Energy Healer 2023

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