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These kaleidoscopic mandalas are created from photographs taken of nature - earth, water, sky and even fire, from all over the world. Meditating with these images will activate the resonance within your energy field which in turn will entrain with the specific element, season or land of the image. As with traditional mandalas, when you contemplate these images you may have new profound realizations and healing activations which range from powerful to very subtle shifts. The geometric and abstract quality allows for the connection to these landscapes and elements to be on an energetic level rather than a material one. Simply put instead of looking at the details of a mountain you are receiving and interacting with it's essence.  ​ That being said you can also put these images on your wall and enjoy them purely as art pieces. Wherever possible I have included the location of where these images were taken as well as the name of the tribal land to honor the indigenous stewards. ​ The intent of this work is to bring the wisdom of nature medicine and connection to the natural world and its many layers into ones consciousness through art. I hope you find healing, beauty, joy and deep activations that lead to a communion with your own spirit as well as mother earth.

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