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THe Quest

A quest begins with a question. Who am I? Where do I belong? What is my purpose? How can I heal? The moment we ask the question the journey begins. We quest for the answers through external exploration - through travel, study and life experience. However long we seek, the search inevitably leads to the internal world and the exploration of the spirit. Ultimately the two worlds do not exist without the other and are forever linked as the outside world is mirrored by the internal and vice versa. ​ The quest is a deeply personal project as it is about my own journey of self discovery hence the images are mostly self portraits as it allows me to truly look at my own experience. This work has lead me through different processes and archetypes within my own being as well as the archetypes outside of myself I have met on my journey teaching me, guiding me and supporting me along the way.  These images were born/ catalyzed by 2 profound and life altering experiences. The first was my introduction to Burning Man in 2016 and the second was a solo trip to South East Asia in 2017.  At Burning Man I began to play with different ways of self expression through clothing and dance videos. I eventually found myself embodying different archetypes by dressing up in clothes that were mythical and other worldly. Without the usual constraints of societal rules and expectations- I met, lived out and claimed parts of myself that I had only had brief glimpses of before. This resulted in feeling and living more inspired, free and empowered.  The challenge of surviving a festival in a desert that seemed to be from another dimension gave be the courage to travel solo to Thailand and Bali.  This was my first experience traveling outside of the Western world and it put me in touch with the concept of what a true quest looked like.  ​ I followed the breadcrumbs in my travels and brought my new found expressive liberation and archetypal embodiment with me. It all happened organically as I continued my self portrait work in new exciting landscapes as I was experiencing them for the first time. This body of work slowly began to emerge and a new way of working began to take shape. Travel - feel the environment/landscape - connect to the mythical self that wants to be expressed - dress the part and capture the dance of many different elements coming together. The last part of this comes in as I work on these images when I am home adding digital art, motion graphics and sometimes paint in a process of reflection of my life and my soul. This project is ongoing and evolving as my own quest is a life long journey so is this reflection of it.  I hope that my journey serves as a reminder that we are all heroes of our own quest and whatever mythical being or superhero you wanted to be a child is a part of you waiting to be expressed, lived and seen. ​

Prints and mixed media paintings of select images are available - click here to explore and order . For custom orders of images or sizes that are not available in my art store please  contact me to make a special order.

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