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The Quest


A quest begins with a question. Who am I? Where do I belong? What is my purpose? How can I heal? The moment we ask the question the journey begins. We quest for the answers through external exploration - through travel, study and life experience. However long we seek the search inevitably leads to the internal world and the exploration of the spirit. Ultimately the two worlds do not exist without the other and are forever linked as the outside world is created by the internal and vice versa. This collection of images are from my personal journey through different processes and archetypes within my own being as well as the archetypes I have met on my journey teaching me, guiding me and supporting me along the way.

Dea Mystica

  • Edition of 108 for each size only this number will be printed. The number will be written on the certificate of authenticity.

    Giclee print on 100% cotton museum grade archival paper with matte finish and printed with archival HDX inks.

    Certificate of authenticity is included and will be sent separately.

    Subtle variations in color as well as sharpness are possible due to the nature of printing and variance in your own computer monitor.

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